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Leveraging data to impact student engagement, budgets, procurement and learning outcomes.

With just one login, district leaders can quickly transform all their buildings.

Through the triangulation of data, we are identifying GAPs in learning outcomes, return on investment on devices, software applications and eliminating learning losses, misappropriation of federal funds (ESSER tracking) by specific student subgroups and demographics.

Optimize your school spending, know your Return on Investment on all software, paid for and non-paid.

Student Data
  • SEL
  • SpEd categories
  • Economic data
  • Usage data
  • Engagement and Time on task
  • Formative (short cycle, medium cycle)
  • Interim (long cycle formative)
  • Summative (classroom, districtwide, statewide)
(Devices/ Software)
  • Laptops, Desktops, Mobile devices
  • Browsers & operating systems
  • Native software applications
  • Web based applications
Professional Development
  • Teacher professional learning communities
  • Additional teacher professional development based on usage gaps
  • Student learning outcomes
Utilization (Federal Tracking)
  • Usage by product
  • Usage by demographic data
  • Usage by schools
  • Usage by teachers
  • Usage by student
  • Usage districtwide
Federal Compliance
  • SpEd
  • IDEA
  • Title
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Rti
Student Engagement
  • Time on task
  • Frequency of logins
  • Active students online
Return On Investment
  • Machine learning algorithm
  • Impacting learning outcomes
  • Teacher professional development
  • Equitable Access

Technology is a powerful resource for transforming learning. When placed in the right hands, it helps affirm and advance relationships between educators and students and shrinks long-standing equity and accessibility gaps meeting the needs of all learners.

To realize fully the benefits of technology in our education system and provide authentic learning experiences, educators need to use technology effectively in their practice. They need to know;
How and when the technology is being used (ROI),
How effective it is in terms of outcomes (Machine Learning vs Usage) and,
Are all students using it (Equitable Access)
Are we compliant according to federal regulation on specific programs and subgroups
Through SWYE360 CAAP ® we not only Collect, but also Assess, and Aggregate the data coming from many and multiple sources; utilizing machine learning through artificial intelligence to Predict and inform the next steps and logical teaching and learning strategies. It allows districts to learn if their curricular and technology resources that are being purchased are making a difference and having an impact on student achievement.
By taking an in-depth look at the multiple data streams, SWYE360 CAAP ® can easily determine a district’s ROI on these resources and will identify potential students at risk based on usage while correlating each students’ individualized assessment data.

Introduction to Machine Learning

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