Being that SWYE360 is a collaborative e-learning platform, our teachers and tutors create content from lesson plans, lesson assignments, assessments while uploading different assets that they see fit. All this is done leveraging our integrated tools making it seamless to share and assign these to all learners. Teachers and Tutors have the option to either have a public or private profile. When their profiles are public, this gives access to all educators and learners in the platform to their resources that are made public. When a profile is public, ONLY the content that is shared will be accessed within the ecosystem. When you are not creating targeted content for your learners, you can create content to share within the ecosystem.


Content can be shared with other teachers, learners, and parents that are looking for resources to use with their learners.


When Teachers & Tutors assign lessons and assessments they have the ability to measure progress through reports within the platform. All assessments and assignments built in the platform are auto-graded.


Many districts across the nation like to have consistency with the resources that their teachers are using, with SWYE360 this becomes easy to ensure that the resources that are being used and created are consistent across the entire district. At SWYE360 we encourage Teachers and Tutors to create at an individual level, differentiate and personalize based on their learners’ needs.


As educators, we are more effective when we collaborate with our peers within our local environment but also when we are able to tap into our larger networks beyond our local community. Within SWYE360 Teachers and Tutors have the ability to collaborate with other educators and even engage professional development coaches (experts) in different subject matters. Engaging with Professional development coaches provides a unique opportunity for teachers to receive ongoing job-embedded support on specific strategies they are looking to improve on. This is the power of leveraging your network effects.