Targeted Instruction

Targeted Instruction When using targeted instruction, tutors and or teachers modify their instruction to align with learner ability levels, rather than their grade level. Learners are assigned content based on ability level, and tutors and or teachers use assessments to track progress and adjust content when needed. This strategy is also used to group learners in the classroom and classroom.


Teach according to ability level

Targeted instruction accounts for what learners understand and teaches them according to their ability levels, rather than strictly adhering to what they are expected to know based on their grade level. Differentiated Instruction involves learners achieving the same expectations or standards via different processes, content and or product. While individualized or targeted instruction is about expecting different things from different learners.


Content can be shared with other teachers, learners and parents that are looking for resources to use with their learners


When Teachers & Tutors assign lessons and assessments they have the ability to see measure progress through reports within the platform.


Many districts across the nation like to have consistency with the resources that their teachers are using, with SWYE360 this becomes easy to ensure that the resources that are being used and created are consistent across the entire district.


As educators we are more effective when we collaborate with our peers within our local environment but also when we are able to tap into our larger networks beyond our local community.