Is your school using SWYE360 for online learning?

Are you homeschooling your kids and constantly looking for amazing resources?

Are you spending hours online looking for tutors and teachers to help support your kids?

Are your kids looking for more challenging and rigorous content?

Are your kids studying for a major exam and need additional support?

SWYE360 is the largest online collaborative e-learning platform for school districts and teachers to deliver great teaching to students anywhere. It also provides a marketplace for districts and parents to engage and curate the best teachers and tutors across the nation for tutoring support. The platform was designed to create limitless opportunities for all students regardless of their geographic locations by providing online teaching and tutoring support from the best tutors and teachers. Our tutors do not come to your home, all instruction is delivered online. You can either schedule a session for a specific time and date or request a tutor while your student is online working on some material. You will have an opportunity to identify the best tutors for the specific content areas based on how they were rated by other parents and students.

Our tutors are able to create content from lesson plans, to assessments and activities that they can share and assign to the students they are tutoring. They also have the ability to track the progress of each student and identify specific areas their students are struggling in and provide prescriptive instruction. When the tutors are not creating their own content, they can crowdsource it from other teachers and tutors within the platform and collaborate on specific standards.

Integrated Digital Content

Our Learners are exposed to a considerable amount of concepts through stimulating content. Learners explore interesting content and are engaged in appropriate dependent and independent activities.

Integrated digital content is the use of high-quality digital tools to enhance learning for students, making it easier for teachers to provide an individualized path and pace for students. Students who haven't mastered concepts can take advantage of opportunities for extra practice or remediation. Digital content can also create extension opportunities for students who are ready to advance.

Tutors and Teachers will be able to actively find ways to integrate digital content into their curriculum, providing deeper learning through reinforcement and practice at whatever level the student may be.

Targeted Instruction

When using targeted instruction, tutors and or teachers modify their instruction to align with learner ability levels, rather than their grade level. Learners are assigned content based on ability level, and tutors and or teachers use assessments to track progress and adjust content when needed. This strategy is also used to group learners in the classroom and virtual classroom.

Targeted instruction accounts for what learners understatnd and teaches them according to their ability levels, rather than strictly adhering to what they are expected to know based on their grade level. Differentiated Instruction involves learners achieving the same expectations or standards via different processes, content, and or products. While individualized or targeted instruction is about expecting different things from different learners.

Content Mastery & Student Reflection

Our tutor’s and teachers’ goal is to teach and tutor learners to master their content. Beyond the passing by show of a grade, we want to ensure our learners are able to Apply, Analyze, Evaluate, and Create. Our learners will be able to show that they have higher levels of critical thinking, problem-solving, and higher-order thinking skills. These are skills they will be able to apply to any content area.

Our tutors and teachers are also able to track learner mastery on reports that are built within our platform, using the Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue indicators. With our algorithms and AI built within SWYE360, after an assessment when you have a Red indicator on a report, it indicates the learner has not mastered the content or standard and will need additional support, and when a learner has a Blue indicator, it means the learner is showing advanced mastery and is ready for more challenging content.

Measure Students' Progress